Episode 42: Live at Bloomfest II

It's time Houston wakes the fuck up on the unparalleled dope shit coming up in this city before it passes you up and there was no better example of that than Bloomfest II. The Eat Good & Prosper team put together their festival with the goal to bring together some of the greatest talents in the city with performances from DJ Mr. Rogers, OG Bobby Billions, OG Che$$, Noie J, and Young Black Willie Nelson himself: Tim Woods. This was a concert to celebrate everything Tim and his entire team are about, turning up with the family and enjoying the vibes they create with their own hard work. Going against the grain the whole EGP team understands it's up to them to be the voice for the long list of talent not being featured by the city's publications and Bloomfest 2 was a perfect example of what's happening that too many are still sleep on. The energy was high all night and everyone in attendance was there for a productive reason and the outcome was a night unlike any other in the city of Houston.

Tracks included:

@therealtimwoods - Buzzin
@ogbobbybillions - Bands
@og-che55 - White Girl
@noiej - Waiter


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