Episode 37: Freddy ING & Brent Bailey

From Inglewood to Houston Freddy ING has been making great music for years and just recently released his best project yet with 'In the Name of God'. With help from a few people mentioned in this episode and the hard work he puts in rapping, singing, and producing Freddy truly orchestrated an entire collection of un-skippable songs. We also had Brent Bailey from Whole Foods come by and discuss the Brewfest his company was a part of, as well as New England IPAs in Houston, and also the feelings that come with a brewery selling out. Somehow Brent was first to make his instagram name 'craftbeerhouston' so give him a follow and check out the newest beers he's enjoying while listening to some vinyls. Also, apparently he loves pandas.

Freddy's album:


You can also find it on all other music platforms so stream it and buy it, it's well worth it!

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