Ep. 48: Brash Brewing & Agamemnon

The episode we've wanted to record for a year now finally happened! Our good friends from Houston progressive metal band 'Agamemnon' came by the show to drink some beer, recap their past tour, and talk new music & videos. Consisting of 4 talented musicians (Thomas on bass, Tim & Aaron on guitars, and Jon on drums) they have been able to create music that is definitive to its style while being able to reach all crowds, even from outside of the metal fanbase. They are an example of music made well on all fronts, not a single piece of their group slacks or gets left behind and at a live show they are something to really take in and pay attention. Their first album was self titled and can be found at the link provided below as well as their newest single. Be on the lookout for all things Agamemnon because to sleep on them would only be a disservice to yourself.
We couldn't do a Houston beer podcast with a metal band on without including Brash Brewing! Robbie came out on behalf of the entire crew and brought a slew of their untouchable lineup of beers. Brash burst on the scene as hard as a brewery possibly can and within their first year of business founded a deep root in the city. With some of the best and most aggressive IPAs and stouts out in the state of Texas it's easy to say Brash has yet to miss on a single beer. While they thrive in the extremely hoppy and coffee they have homered on their kettle sour with TRVE Brewing from Denver, as well as Knutsens Farm, their take on Saint Arnold's classic 'Weedwacker'. The Houston beer culture has become a beast over the past 5 years and the emergence of Brash has taken it to even further heights. Go to the brewery for a full on experience of arcade games, heavy metal, and pint of Pussy Wagon!

Agamemnon can be found on all social media under: AgamemnonHTX

Their music can be found at: agamemnonhtx.bandcamp.com/

Brash can be found on Facebook at Brash brewing company and on twitter @brashbeer

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