Vince Wilfork Spreads The Love Across Houston

Posted on 18 November 2016

Vince Wilfork is a man who looks like he's never missed a breakfast, bunch, lunch, dinner, midnight snack and this week he showed us that is heart is even bigger.

The veteran nose tackle gave back to the community hes called home for the last two years by donating 800 turkeys at Wheeler Baptist Church in Houston. Joined by his wife and members of the the University of Houston Football team, they gave away those turkey's all night until they were fresh out. Unfortunately, there was still 27 people who had been in line when the turkey ran out. Vince Wilfork being the giant softy that he is could not let that stand and he and his wife went out and bought 27 more turkey to give to those family's!

"It's all about giving back for me," said Wilfork "There's nothing I'm looking for a pat on the back about. It's just who I am. Being in the community, I understand the community. I was once there before. I understand the struggles when it comes down to this time of year, the holidays, Thanksgiving. It's just one way I can show my appreciation to the community and give back to the community. I made a lot of people happy."

He added "I was very happy about this time of year being able to give back and just let the community know we're human beings. We're all humans. It's okay to help one another in this country. We kind of get away from that a little bit. We still have good-hearted people out here. I think being on the stage we're on, it's good to showcase. So many times, you may have negative things coming out of this league. It's good to see people for once doing the right thing and doing things to help other people instead of just helping themselves."

It just goes to show that Texans players, current or retired, are always class acts and will continue to inspire the environment around them.

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