UH Head Coach, Tom Herman, has no interest in LSU

Posted on 26 September 2016

  After 12 years as the head coach of LSU, Les Miles was finally let go after starting this season 2-2. Naturally, the school wants the best man for the job to rebuild this once great program & according to scout.com, Tom Herman & FSU HC Jimbo Fisher have been contacted.


Herman shot that rumor down quickly after practice today saying "I can say unequivocally nobody has contacted me"

When asked about the last rumors of him leaving that have hung over his last two seasons he responded "I've learned that's the nature of the beast," he added. "I can spend my time getting upset and going on radio shows and tweeting things out and all that stuff, but at the end of the day it's not going to stop. I just let them do and say whatever they want to say


Herman is 17-1 as the Cougs HC, making him one of the more desirable coach's to bring a fresh start to a program. What other schools are failing to realize is, Houston has taken in Herman as one of our own. He's gotten his grill from Paul Wall, he feels the love, and most importantly he's coaching his ass off for his players today! Coach Herman is the corner stone of propelling UH Football into national recognition! So to LSU I say, better luck with Jimbo Fisher!

Here's coach Tom Herman speaking from the heart after the teams Peach Bowl victory

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