The Texans Preseason & What You Should Be Asking

Posted on 06 August 2016

This Sunday will mark the first day of the NFL preseason & after a sub-par last season we've looked to get better like no other season before. We've made a few big pick ups and even better cuts but there are a few questions that remain.

Can Lamar Miller Hold His Own?

Miller has never started for a team outside of Miami, where he was born and raised. That and the fact that he hasn't truly been tested as a starting RB in the NFL should be a cause for concern. Let's be honest we've been a "run happy" team for a couple of years now (especially with our QB situation looking as it always looks) and with that, demands more than a 4.6 yards a carry average. Can Lamar Miller be our new breakout star? Of course, he's fast and an excellent route runner. The key to his success will truly rely on the success of our passing game. If we can't get that going we'll literally be running another great RB into the ground.

Is Brock Osweiler Our QB?

Filling in for Peyton Manning is no easy task whatsoever (ask Andrew Luck). Brock was forced to take the reins for 8 games last season going 5-2 as a starter. Where he shined last year was completed passes for some major yards. He can hit a target well but couldn't seem to find the red zone as much as Broncos fans would have liked, being bailed out by an Immaculate defense and OK running game. Brock CAN elevate his game here with us and his new teammates if he knows & believes he's the man now! Just like the Broncos, he'll have a great support system in Houston. Our defense is always getting better even if a piece is missing, our WR core is looking young & eager to show their hand skills, and we have an alright running game. Our team literally sounds like a carbon copy of the team he had success with last season, without as hard a schedule.

Will Our Wide Receivers Be On The Same Page?

This comes back onto Brock Osweiler and the chemistry he'll continue to build with them in the off-season. D-Hop will of course be a monster and if he can stay healthy, will undoubtedly get that big payday he was looking for before the start of the preseason. We have a few other Texan vets but our big acquisitions this year came in the form of Will Fuller & Braxton Miller. Will Fuller is a tour-de-force at the position putting up huge numbers at Notre Dame after his freshman season. Miller on the other hand is a wild card. Miller spent the majority of his collegiate career at the quarterback position only to get hurt and redshirt his senior year. It was then where he switched positions upon returning to the buckeyes. He finished the season with 26 receptions for 341 yards, three receiving touchdowns, 260 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown. There's no telling how we'll use either gentleman but I wouldn't be suprised to see Miller throw the ball a few times. Regardless I believe with the vet WRs on the team, a bunch of knowledge and team chemistry will be formed.

Will JJ Watt Be Healthy Enough To Start?

Short answer, no one really knows.

Watt has never missed a start for the Texans which is exceptional when you consider he played with a broken hand, fully and partially torn core muscles and a herniated disk through a majority of last season. He had to have surgery a few weeks ago on his back to repair a herniated disk which is normally a 6-10 week recovery time. I'm no doctor but I assume those recovery times are for us normal people and not a 3 time defensive player of the year. His health is going to be a major key to our success and if he can't play, we'll definitely be looking a little less than confident in our first few games against teams like the Chiefs & the Tom Bradyless Patriots. We can only hope for a speedy recovery.

How Well Will We Do This Season?

I'm a firm believer that this team is on the right track, from the players to the coaching staff. I think it's fair to say we can expect to finish with a positive record, JJ Watt or not. Our schedule is perfect for us including catching the Patriots in the third week of Tom Bradys suspension. I can see us, if all things go well, finishing 12-4.
Here is our schedule for the regular season!

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