Olympic Gold for two Houstonians!

Posted on 15 August 2016

Houston is a hard working city, filled to the brim with up & coming talents and people honing their craft. Two Olympians specifically, Gymnastics favorite Simone Biles and Swimmer Simone Manuel both embodied that spirit and went on to win gold for America as representatives of Houston, Texas.

Biles has been highlighted for winning three world championships in the last four years! She and her teammates brought home gold in the women's team all-around event at the Olympics on Tuesday, and then went on to take gold by a 2.3-point margin Thursday during the women's individual all-around competition. Biles story is truly a heart-wrenching one and will literally bring tears to your eyes. She was adopted and brought to Texas when she was only 2 years old, after being born into a family that could not support their kids due to drug and alcohol abuse. Her story truly shows no matter what you're born into, greatness is always on the other side.


The surprise of the night was 100-meter freestyle sprinter Simone Manuel. Thursday night she swam the race of her career when she took to the blocks for the 100-meter freestyle. The race was tight throughout & so much so that it was under review as to who touched the wall first. It came out to be Simone Manuel & Canada's Penny Oleksiak in a tie for Gold. Both athletes set an Olympic record with a 52.70 seconds. What's even more significant is Manuel is the first black female who has ever won an individual gold medal in a swimming event. When the audience took notice at the history that was made roars of pride ensued from the audience.


We as Houstonians should be extremely proud of their hard work. Being an Olympic caliber athlete is a full time grind that may or may not be enough sometimes. These athletes put all of their hard work on the line for a chance to represent their country for two weeks and to live in Olympic history as a Gold medalist.

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