Clutch For Hire

Posted on 27 July 2016

Since Clutch the Bears inception in 1995 there has only been one man to dawn the clutch mascot but now after 21 seasons, Robert Boudwin, has stepped down as the Houston Rockets mascot.


Here is a statement from Boudwins  personal facebook:

"With mixed emotions and a heavy heart, it is time for me to say goodbye to my alter ego of 21 years and 'best friend in fur' Clutch the Bear, Mascot for the Houston Rockets. It has been my honor, granted to me in 1995 by Rockets ownership, to create and steward this character. I am grateful that my parents, Donna and Paul, both supported my decision to move across the country to Houston, to wear a teddy bear costume for the Rockets even though I was graduating with honors and with a double major in Marketing and Management. I wish to thank all the AMAZINGLY PASSIONATE Rockets Fans who have laughed and cheered with me over the last 2 decades, and have helped me achieve my claim to fame... which is I've hugged more Houstonians than anyone on the planet! I will continue to cheer with you for our favorite team just not from inside the costume. I am excited to see what Clutch holds for us in the future, as he can be a bit unpredictable, as you all well know! Here's to a 3rd NBA World Championship for the Rockets in the near future! THANK YOU HOUSTON!!!"

His presence as Clutch will never be forgotten, especially with these accolades: 2005 Mascot Hall of Fame, Voted first NBA 2005 Mascot of the Year, 5th Most recognizable mascot of all time by USA Today, Mascot Video skit of year 2004 and 2006, Star of his own book "Clutch's Day at the Doctor", and Over 250 appearances in Houston, USA and internationally.


We can only hope he has some say in his replacement when the organization holds try outs later this year. 

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