Kimbo vs. Dada 5000 Overturned

Posted on 14 May 2016

The Lackluster Blockbuster That Never Was

It was a fight the Internet wanted to see! Former UFC competitor and Internet knockout legend Kimbo Slice V. the star of "Dawg Fight" Dada 5000. Well on February 19th, the two Miami street fighting legends took center stage at in the co-main event at Bellator 149, in Houston, TX. It was a three round slobber knocker testing both men's chins and one man's heart.

Mid 2nd round or shortly after the start 3rd, it was clear that both men were tired! Dada tested Kimbos chin but had nothing on the ground when Kimbo would shoot for a takedown. It would take near exhaustion and a punch to finally put Dada 5000, out. News got out quickly that the Netflix star had been rushed to the hospital after suffering two heart attacks (one in the ring) and later renal failure. It was there that Dada spent almost an entire month in a Houston hospital.

Well now the "Texas State Athletic Commission" has announced that Kimbo Slice tested positive for the anabolic steroid "Nandrolone" (Nandrolone is used to elevate your testosterone levels). After deliberation it was decided that Slice pay a $2,500 fine and have his license to fight in Texas revoked. The commission has also overturned the decision to a no contest, making Kimbo 5-2-1 & Dada 5000 2-0-1.

Bellator has been quick to forgive and forget, booking Kimbo Slice as the main event in a rematch against James Thompson at Bellator 158. As for Dada 5000 he's stated that he'll continue to fight "If not in Bellator or the UFC then for myself and my own legacy". When asked if he'd like to fight Slice again, he stated "He'd never take that fight. I took him three rounds and he was cheating" he went on to express he'd love the rematch but doesn't see it being made.

In my personal opinion, a rematch is necessary. These guys are brawling legends but they were in an MMA fight. When Kimbo got touched he resorted to the little ground game he has, making fight fans upset. After all we tuned in to see a scrap between giants! My solution  to guarantee not only a real fight but one that'll erase everyone's memory of the first bout: make the rematch a kickboxing fight. Bellator has recently added kickboxing to their repertoire and it would guarantee that the two men fight! These two men are not "internet wrestling sensations" or "jiu jitsu prodigies" they're men who came up from letting their hands speak. Book it in Miami and give those people something to cheer for besides the Marlins & Dolphins. 


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