Ep 99: Flyger Woods & Ricky F

Posted on 01 January 2019

On this episode we were joined by local beer genius Ricky F and Houston rapper Flyger Woods (@flygerwoods). We discussed some of the beers that hit hardest in 2018 as well as releases Ricky looks forward to in 2019. Flyger came through to discuss his recent album 'MMNIT' and his work that has led up to this point.

Intro/Outro Music: Back to Back - Flyger Woods feat. Rodeo Joe

0:25 - Intros
3:53 - Ricky (huge Saints fan) explains last year’s ‘Miracle in Minnesota’
8:30 - We introduce Flyger to the art of drinking beer and podcasting
14:50 - Don’t smoke synthetic weed
21:00 - Beers/Breweries that have stood out to Ricky recently
36:12 - First rap Flyger ever wrote
47:08 - Where the features came from for his album ‘MMNIT’
53:05 - Who is the King of R&B/Why is R Kelly so disgusting?
1:15:00 - Flyger’s work/relationship with The Rosewood Thieves
1:18:00 - Deep dive into his song ‘Otherside’ & the benefits of therapy
1:38:00 - Why Flyger raps every lyric to every song in his shows/relationship with Fat Tony
1:45:00 - Beers Ricky is looking forward to in 2019/Outro & plugs


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