Ep 97: Sigma Brewing & God Body Bingo

Posted on 01 January 2019

On this episode we had Matt and Adam come by to discuss their two years in the Houston beer game. We drank 3 of the beers they brewed exclusively for their anniversary party and got an insight on what's coming up next for them. We also had one of the best up and coming lyricists, @godbodybingo , come in to discuss the process he's gone through leading up to his newest EP 'In the Flesh'.

1:05 Intros
5:00 Description of the beers (Exhume, Burial in Space, Burial in Space w/ coffee)
21:30 Beers coming out in winter (Murry Chrimmus, Murry Fuggin Chrimmus)
30:00 Mortal Combat tournaments at brewery
38:43 How long Bingo has been rapping
46:38 Bingo remembers & raps his first verse he ever recorded
1:13:26 Nerves that come with performing a new song/His first performance
1:23:35 Artists and genres that have influenced him

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