Ep 95: Dontaskgen & Official X

Posted on 01 January 2019

This week we had one of the best talents in Houston, Dontaskgen, join us on the show to discuss his past projects and what separates them from his newest one Dontaskforlove. He details the emotions that went into writing this album and why it's his most meaningful to date. Get accustomed to hearing from Dontaskgen because he's quickly climbing into the spotlight with his talented writing followed by his abilities to sing and rap.

Intro Song: Here For You - @dontaskgen

0:36 - Intros
2:39 - Info on newest album coming soon
5:03 - Crazy things happening in Memphis
12:50 - Theme of the new album, titled Dontaskforlove
32:00 - Why R&B artists fight so often
36:10 - We find out what style of beer Gen likes
49:41 - “1 girlfriend is too close to 0”
51:28 - Process of writing to recording, keeping same emotions for both
1:00:00 - Is Southside Collection breaking up?

1:09:00 - Outro song, same as intro


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