Ep 57: Eureka Heights & Matt Sonzala

Posted on 16 November 2017

Live from the Eureka Heights taproom we spoke with Brent, the Ambassador of Buzz, about what the brewery has been up to since we last spoke to them. Since their previous visit to the show Eureka Heights has been awarded a gold medal from the Great American Beer Festival for the best American-style cream ale with their Buckle Bunny. The beer is always on point and the events they host match, as we hosted the podcast they were running 3 different themed events at the brewery and always come up with interesting ways to bring you back to the taproom. You should always grab a Eureka Heights beer when you have the chance and give anyone wearing their shirts a high five, they'll appreciate it.

We were also joined by Matt Sonzala, the creator of Pushermania and overall OG to the Houston hip hop scene. He swung down to Houston before taking off with Devin The Dude for his European tour and dropped infinite amounts of game on all of us. Going back to the early days of the internet and chat forums Matt and Brent have actually been running in similar circles for years and made for a great episode as they reminisced on the way the rap culture in Houston and in general has changed throughout the years. He also went deep into how an artist should be approaching their touring as they come up and stressed the importance of getting out to new cities to show face and spread your name. Overall a wonderful episode we hope you enjoy!




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