Ep 113: Will-Lean (Botany Boyz) & Bounce and Turn

Posted on 11 April 2019

This week we were joined by Will-Lean, from the classic Houston rap group 'Botany Boyz' and original SUC member, as well as the mind behind 'Bounce and Turn', Amy a.k.a. DJ Havin Thangs. They have their event 'SUC 420 Festival' coming up on Saturday, April 20th, and you can find tickets at the link below. We discussed this event as well as Amy's past Bounce and Turn events and got into some of the history Will has to tell of the 90s coming up with Screw and other Houston legends. Tune in and grab a ticket to their SUC 420 Festival before it's too late!

Song: Kokane Kowboy - Will Lean



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