Remembering June 27th

Posted on 27 June 2016

  June 27th is not the anniversary of DJ Screw's death (November 16th)... it's not even the day he was born (July 20th) It was simply the day SUC members Big Moe, Big Pokey, Yungstar, K-Luv, Bird, Key-C, Haircut Joe, and D-Mo (whose birthday is actually June 27th) got together and Freestyle'd. It's been called, to much debate "The Best Houston Rap Song." Which is fair to assume! I mean there's a lot of good Houston rap songs and not many are 30+ minutes of straight bars over a beautifully constructed beat by DJ Screw.

Regardless of how you feel, you remember the first time you heard the track and can't deny its charm. You may remember getting the actual screw tape, getting to the B-side and being floored by track one simply titled "Freestyle" or maybe your homeboy had it on a CD and asked you one of life's best questions "Have you ever heard June 27th?" It doesn't really matter how you heard it first or when, what matters and what today is really all about is that you do remember. That's it! Screw got these guys together played the beat and the rest is literally audible history. It's gone on to influence Houston rappers and truly stands the test of time! It's a song so good, Drake had to make it a love ballad! It's a badge of honor amongst many that DJ Screw would wear proudly if he were still with us today. So please, take today to not only remember Screw but the whole SUC. Remember it isn't screwed if Screw didn't do it!

What are your favorite lines in June 27th? What Houston rap song do you feel is the best? Let me know on twitter @C_RoscoeHarper or any of our social media displayed promptly at the bottom of the page! For everything Houston stay locked onto Southside Collection. 

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