It's Time To Wake Up On Agamemnon

Posted on 06 July 2016

In a venue full of great bands no one commanded the room more than Agamemnon, the band with no singer.


  Last night I had the pleasure of seeing a variety of metal bands over at Walters Downtown (1120 Naylor St.) Until yesterday i'd never been to Walters but the room was spacious and for good measure, these guys wanted to mosh! Personally, I don't like when a frontman feels the need to tell people to mosh. There should be an old adage "if you rock them they will mosh" but that's what a few of the bands had to do.

What makes Agamemnon so damn impressive to me is, without a single word spoken the crowd was present, upfront and center to see these guys play. No discredit to the other bands (they all killed it) but by the end of their first song there was just as many people in attention for them as there was for the headliner. The Prog-Metal quartet captivates its audience by shredding the holy hell out of their instruments! 2 guitarist, a bass, and a drummer. On guitar one you have Tim Walker, who plays with a melodic look on his face as if the chaos he's helped create is soothing. Guitar two is helmed by Aaron Cole, who after a brief hiatus has rejoined the lineup and it's great that he's back. Cole & drummer, Jon West, were the most talked about after the set was complete due to there amazing skill set. West was an absolute madman on the drums, moving 1000MPH he set the tone early for the crowd to get up and get pumped. Finally you have the bass player & quasi frontman, Tommy Middleton. In addition to laying down smooth lines and keeping the audience on its toes in between songs, Tom was also sick with a bad case of "I just feel like shit." That didn't stop them from getting everyone moving both on the floor and to the merch booth afterwards!

The song that generated the most unruliness & one of my personal favorites was the smash "Chryseis" a near 7 minute auditory journey through the minds of these four men. If you had to hear one song to fully understand why I love them so much then that'd be the one. You can listen to, buy and stream their self-titled EP on Apple or their bandcamp site where the EP & all of their contact information can be found. If these guys are on the bill, you'd be a fool to miss out.

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