FreshDark Shines Through The Rain!

Posted on 20 June 2016

FreshDark Festival, legitimately holds down the fort and promotes real good music!

This weekend was the 2nd annual, FreshDark Fest. (This show was mentioned in our "Outdoor Concerts of June" article) Unfortunately for me, i didn't get to attend last year's festival, which had an awesome line up. Determined to not miss a thing this year I got there a little early to scope out the scene. This was my first time at "Last Concert Cafe" (1403 Nance St, 77002) and I was not dissapointed by the environment. While I didn't eat (this time) everything I saw and could smell looked absolutely delicious!

The festival itself was put together very nicely. As soon as you walk in you're greeted by literally the nicest people in the world! I've been to concerts and festivals where the first person you see looks like it's the last place they want to be so this was refreshing. From there I sat down and had a few beers (Karbach Hopadillo) while watching, DJ Anarchy, spin the classics! The man had some serious chops on the 1's & 2's but it was his music selection had everyone bobbing their heads and jamming. 

By this time more people have gotten there and it's apparent that everyone is welcome. Folks and their kids started to pile in and it was a good time for everyone! After his set, up went DJ Steph and her "curated vibez" which is a good way for her to market herself. Everyone and their momma was dancing and vibing. She set a different tone in the best way as more people started talking to each other and dancing with one another. 

The first live act of the day was south park rapper (South West embraced) SVN. Who out the gates impressed me! The guy had an effortless flow and could seriously be the next big MC from Houston. His most notable track "9000 Bissonnet" had the whole crowd rocking with him, which in the dead & dry heat, was no easy task. His follow up mixtape "Second Sunday" is sure to be a banger so look out for it on all music streaming services. 


Another good act was rapper, Jay Maze. He was a great fresh faced rapper who, while still has a ways to climb, is definitely not shy on the stage. He spit a few of his newer joints that he recorded that week and even when he forgot some words he regained the crowd quick stating "these songs are fresh so question my brain and not my heart when I fuck up" 

Overall all of the acts were talented, some a little rough but that's why you do these kind of shows, to get better. Regardless the crowd could not be deterred even after rain fell for more than 45 minutes kids and adults were still hoolahooping and dancing. 


In fact the best act of the night, in my personal opinion, had everyone dancing in the rain. "Swatara" is a Neo Soul/Hip Hop act, who with live drums and a great overall vibe, welcomed the rain, saying "if this mic was waterproof I'd be out there dancing with all of you." Which she would go on to eventually do after their set. I was absolutely blown away by their talent. I stopped taking pictures to do as the song said and "let the spirit take control" The lead singer could not only sing (which literally already had me under her spell) but then she could rap! When she started rapping I couldn't believe it! I thought I had her pegged as an amazing singer and then boom! She's the female Kendrick Lamar. I sincerely hope they put out new music soon. 


It was a really good time for the whole family and I'd definitely recommend attending the next event held by FreshDark! For everything Houston stay right here

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