The Artist Formerly Known As Prince

Posted on 21 April 2016

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince

   There are very few artist in the history of time that can cover such a broad spectrum of sound and do it in such high regard. There's even fewer artist that can be in your "All Time Fantasy Band" at every instrument. Prince was just that.. part of the few.

Prince Rogers Nelson, a Minnesota native, was far more than an artist, he was an innovator. An innovator of production, sound, stage, persona, sexuality, spirituality and film, Prince stood above the rest. He separated himself from art & ego and just created wonders. Those wonders would go on to be played as the soundtrack to our memories. You'll never forget the first time you heard Prince. You will never forget the moment you connected the dots on some of the most sexually charged or eye opening Prince songs. You won't forget the room you were in or the people who you first saw "Purple Rain" with. Those wonders will live on in our hearts and be burned in our souls as masterpieces in time.

Rest in peace to the Love Symbol



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