5 Songs You Need To Hear Today!

Posted on 22 November 2016

Houston pumps out some of the most talented people in the world music wise. Knowingly, it can be hard to keep up with the ever growing scene of emerging emcees & hot tracks. Luckily for you i've comprised a list of five of the best songs out the H right now! In no particular order here are the highlights!

1. "Pey-2-0" by Peyton

Fresh off of her second release, Peyton is back in form with another beautiful, soul snatching EP (peace in the midst of a storm). The 18 year old, Milky Wayv  signee, has really flexed her muscles this time around remaining well ahead of the curve. Produced by, Chase of Nazarethrack, "Pey-2-0" is a really big stand out on the EP taking things really slow and letting them flow.... like water

2. "Lil Flexico" by OG Che$$

OG Che$$ finally graced us with his newest EP "Julio" and it is a huge 21 track welcome back for Che$$! The EP takes you through all of Che$$' walks of life and "Lil Flexico" is the best example. The cocky anthem also has a successor a little ways down the track list but really all of the songs are flames. Which is not easy considering the number of songs on the EP.

3. "Quarterback" by Billyracxx

"QUATERBACK QUATERBACK CATCH IT AND RUN IT BACK!" This song is hard as fuck! No other way to put it AND give it justice. It isn't a long song but boy is it catchy. The track isn't just a hook monster either, Billy keeps up with some very dope ass bars, which for a turn up track is rare. Billyracxx seems to have found that perfect groove in rap right now and if Quarterback is any indication of the future then the future is looking bright.

4. "Had To" by Hogg Booma

Houston's potential in all facets of hip hop has never been higher and the best example of that is Hogg Booma. There's not really another artist to compare him to in the game today and his banger "Had To" will literally put you in a money making, let's get these hoes, start a fight and dip type mood. Never has a song been so direct about why someone hustles so hard.. why did he get his money up?  BECAUSE HE HAD TO! The video is full of booty so if you needed anymore of a sales pitch..

5. "Beat Around The Bush" by Brice Blanco

The CONSTANTREALITY crew is still young but Brice Blanco spits years ahead of his time. He's not out here to get you turnt up because that's what the radio is for. Instead Blanco really packs a punch in every bar that he drops with the swagger of a hip-hop veteran. The eerie production on this track sets a somber tone but he goes back and forth between with his lyrics to keep your feelings mixed up. Keep an eye out for Blanco in the future because he will be the sound these other people start biting.


If you or someone you know is killing it in the Houston music scene be sure to send us a DM on any of our social media pages! It works too! That's how we found a couple of these people. Don't forget to check out all of the merch & the podcast all on our website.

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