Kream Chronicles: 5 Years Later

Posted on 17 May 2016

(Warning: The following piece is going to contain an abundance of both music & music videos that will be NSFW)

This Thursday will be the fifth year anniversary of the mixtape "Kream Chronicles" The popular mixtape that stirred up a wave over Houston and would serve as the jumping point that took Houston MC, Maxo Kream, to reach the heights we currently see him at today.

A lot has changed over the course of five years but one thing has remained the same: Kream Clicc is hustlin! Bigger than ever and with a deeper roster than their debut, it can be difficult to keep up with what's going on. Luckily I have a comprehensive list of the rapper portion of the collective.
Lyndo Cartel (@lyndoCARTEL) 

Hypebeast-Lyndo Cartel from Mike Le on Vimeo.

As the name reads, Lyndo is not only the "dopeman" but one of the more "out of the box" members of Kream Clicc in both fearless lyricism & beat selection. His song "Dopeman" got a lot of attention & a video but songs like "Lyndo Does It" & the title track "Hypebeast" are like knives coming at you. You can hear that "next up" hunger in his bars, more-so than your favorite rapper today. After slowing down production he's now back on track with his next project "Active". The mixtape has had promotional bangers like, Celtway-8, Come Dine and Real Bucc. Only time will tell if Lyndo will take his rightful ascension.

Lil Family (@LilFamilyKream) 

Lil Family has yet to drop a project but has a slew of hot singles. Apart from actually being featured on Kream Chronicles, he's cut tracks with Maxo Kream, YK, Wes Blanco and OG Chess. His song "Type Shit" has a spine-tingling vibe while he's spitting that real shit. It's in  his song "Dank and Drank" that you can really hear a hit maker in the making. The track is a gangsters love balled to both... Dank & Drank. He's definitely another hot spitter to watch out for in this camp.

The up & comer has no tape of his own yet but the tracks he has out are like AK-47s with lyric loaded extended clips. He's saying a lot and he's feeling himself (rightfully so). The more than confidant star in the making has bangers in "Verbs", "On a Mission Freestyle" & "Possession". He's also just finished a cut with Brick Squad Monopoly Loudiene, titled "Hurry up & Buy" produced by FreeBandHunter. The single is set to drop soon with a visual immediately following. If you do like his bars than don't fear the lack of a full project. He's working on one and plans on dropping it after the 30 city "ALL OFF A JUGG TOUR" this November, hosted by Dirty Glove Bastards (DGB) & Loudiene.

D. Flowers (@Scrapk_dflowers) 

D. Flowers has no music out yet but i have it on good authority that he's up next....

I think he knows it too. His project will be titled "Scrapk Music"

Maxo Kream (@MAXOKREAM)

Maxo's tenacity and persistence has made his rapping into a career. The chief voice on Kream Chronicles & very well the entire "Clicc" itself, has never suffered from shyness. If you've owed him money, drugs, pussy or pokemon cards you better pay up on time. His new Houston flow followed by his bone chilling visuals catapulted him into the spotlight as one of the biggest (both metaphorically and physically) up & comers the city has in music. Since the release of the collaborative effort, Maxo, has gone on to release three tapes. "Retro Card", "Quicc Strikes", and "Maxo 187" received huge praise for the consistent telling that is his life through music. There's no telling what's next for the MC but one could guess whatever it is it will be dope.

If you've never given Kream Chronicles a listen then you really should. It's not everyday a collective can get together and put out such pure combinations of both flow and lyrics. 
Besides you don't want to be the last one to hear it whenever, if ever, a Kream Chronicles 2 is announced. 
Heres a throwback to Kream Clicc's track "Fresh Like Prince"

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