5 Reasons You Should Go To Axelrad (If you haven't already)

Posted on 20 August 2016

Located at 1517 Alabama Street, 77004


The good folks over at Axelrad Beer Garden, go above and beyond every week to bring us the best experience in beer & entertainment alike! While that's not an easy feat to accomplish for most businesses they really seem to be excelling at it. (especially when you have "Cool Runnings" & "Team America: World Police" as your double feature this Monday) So if you haven't been already, here are our top 5 reasons to go to Axelrad!

1. Hammocks, Hammocks, Hammocks!

There's no lack of places to sit at Axelrad but when was the last time you laid in a damn hammock! Perfect for date night or laying down and getting real tranquil with yourself & your beer, the "hammocks row" is one of the best places to relax anywhere that isn't your own home.... If you can get one. Those things are so perfect almost every single time I've been there they've been at capacity.

2. Views From The Deck

Axelrad has created one hell of an ambiance for itself and there's no better way to soak it all in than the outside deck. There's a few tables up there but why sit when you can look at all of the people enjoying the huge neon tree & other amenities (we'll get to that) the beer garden offers to its customers. There's not a lot of bars in Houston that have created such an incredibly dope environment around them like Axelrad has, so take a look and soak it in!

3. Luigi's Pizza

Located conveniently directly next door is the delicious Luigi's Pizza! A very underrated pizzeria, Luigi's prides it's self on making you "a pizza that you can't refuse" and boy are they not joking. They have all of your conventional pizza toppings and a few unconventional as well but you truthfully can't beat this quality for this price. To top it all off, you can order your pizza from Axelrad and they'll bring it right over! YOU SIMPLY CAN'T BEAT THAT!


4. Dog Friendly

With such open space this beer garden is a dog lovers paradise with more than enough room to walk around with your dog and have a great brew. In the past, Axelrad, has also worked with Saint Arnold's Brewery a few times to bring an adoption night along with 100% of their "Ale Wagger" sales going to BARC. I also know for a fact that a little piece of a certain managers heart is torn away whenever she sees your dog leave!

For more information on both the Saint Arnold Ale Wagger & BARC, check out this week's podcast!

5. The Entertainment

There isn't really one facet of entertainment that Axelrad doesn't do well at. Besides all of the boardgames they have available, they really shine on their event nights. Kermit Ruffins has Wednesday residency there so that should really tell you all you need to know about the mutual respect artist have for Axelrad. Other acts have included Hayden Jones, the previously covered Soul Control, Regal People, Say Girl Say, and tons more. They also do movie nights and with Hollywood taking its "reboot it until anyone that ever loved it doesn't love it anymore" mentality and stretching it over the past 3-4 years, there really isn't many good movies to go out and see anymore. Why watch the classics by yourself at home?! If you come out to movie night you're guaranteed a better time than any movie theater.

There are plenty of beer gardens in town but none of them can hold a light to the amount of good times you've yet to have at Axelrad Beer Garden.

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